About us

Happyhamlet is our family project, a hamlet where all families can feel comfortable staying as

Home exchange friends

Our older boy is getting along well with the two dogs we are caring in denmark. A few days ago I

We're loving taking care of animals in our Danish adventure. This year we're staying in a rural

We arrived finally to Denmark a couple of days ago. Our hosts were wonderful and we have spent

Gothic quarter in Barcelona

We are starting to dream about our summer travel. But right here we have Barcelona with some

Dia de los muertos in New York

We had very special moments in our three months in New York. This picture was taken in "El dia

Now seems ancient history but in 2005 we started our home exchange adventures spending three


Eighteen different destinations in eight years ... it seems incredible, but it is not! We have

The HappyHamlet.com’s adventure goes live today by publishing this very first post. But the